1 SEP 09 The Journal

So there was some drama in our bay today. Apparently there was one guy who had to have surgery on his arm. After his surgery he went to the PX (the stores that they have on Army bases) and bought a bunch of soda and candy which he was not suppose to do. Drill sgt. found out and gave him an article 15. He gets half pay and a reduction of rank. Plus he might have to do extra duty, which would mean he would not be able to go to sleep until 12 AM.

Additionally we got caught (some of us) with food in our wall lockers and got smoked pretty good for it. On top of that a bunch of guys had their cell phones with them. They are also getting article 15s. It is basically a summary court marshal with limited punishments that is used for relatively small indiscretions but that kind of thing will still follow you for your military career.

When we got back to the bay everyone was up in arms about a snitch being around and wanting to do something to him. Honestly it really didn’t bother me too much. However as you know I am also of the opinion that if you do the crime you should fully expect the consequences to happen.

So in other news we are shipping Thursday which is in two days. I am not too nervous about it and assume that we will probably get smoked continuously for the next 2 weeks.

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