15 SEP 09 The Journal

So supposedly today is pay day although I am not entirely sure if I get paid or not since we are not allowed to use an ATM or anything. Drill sgt did say however that if we are good and try hard we will be able to check our balances at the ATM. Also we might also be able to use our own cell phones either Saturday or Sunday. Although the opposite is also true. If drill sgt thinks we have been messing up he will take away our phone calls like he did last Sunday. Its not hard to understand how it works here. You get rewarded for doing well and punished for not following orders.

Additionally we might be entering white phase soon. We are currently in red phase which means that it is collective punishment as well as basically being treated like crap on a regular basis. White phase usually happens when a platoon has been in basic for 2-3 weeks. White phase happens when the drill sgt thinks that you have been doing well enough to warrant more privileges and a little more freedom. A platoon can revert back to red phase though if drill thinks the entire platoon needs extra discipline. Hopefully during white phase we will be able to call more as well as have additional time for personal use. Right now there does not seem to be enough time in the day to do everything you want or need to do. Extra freedoms may come in the form of being able to eat foods you actually want to eat. There are no real written down restrictions on food. They have things like hamburgers and cake which you theoretically can take if you want to however a drill sgt will make sure you give back that food one way or another. Either by screaming at you not to “stuff your fat fucking face you fat donut” or by smoking you till you puke it up.

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