16 OCT 09 The Journal

So we went to the .50 cal range a few days ago. That thing is a beast. Instead of shooting paper and plastic targets like we do with other weapons, we shoot at tanks instead. We also got to use the M240 and M249. Both of them have some serious fire power, but neither of them compare to the .50 cal though. That thing fires rounds that are half an inch thick and about 5 inches long. It can also fire about 4 miles. It does not even have to hit you. If it passes a foot past your arm without touching you it will pull the skin off of your arm.

239We also got to throw grenades. That is a singularly unique experience. It has a kill radius of 5 meters. That isn’t just kill though. That is basically blow into little tiny pieces. It has a maim radius of 35 meters. It is really strange holding something that can basically obliterate you. To the point where they would have to do a DNA test to identify the puddle of blood and bone.

Oh some good news. We made it to blue phase of our training which hopefully means that we will have more privileges.

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