19 SEP 09 The Journal

So today we just had our gas chamber. I gotta say it was not an entirely pleasant sensation. At first it just makes your eyes burn and then when you take your first breath it feels like you have sand paper being shoved down your throat. After that its like some one turns a faucet on in your head and your eyes, nose and mouth start going crazy.

020The funniest part is that as the platoon comes stumbling out of the gas chamber they have a couple camera guys that video tape the whole thing. I have the feeling that they are going to show you guys the tape at family day. I will say it sucked coming out of the gas chamber and going into it but it must have been pretty damn funny seeing us go in because all the drill sgt were laughing at us coming out. Additionally if you screwed up the instructions they gave you they sent you back in. If you lose a piece of your equipment they make you go back and get it. It was kind of funny watching the platoon go back in.

I also got a squad leader position. Basically means I am in charge of about 15 guys. It is a step below the platoon guy but it is still good because it gives me leadership experience for being an officer. I thought that I would have problems with some of the men but they seem to be pretty squared away (they have their stuff straight).

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