21 AUG 09 The Journal

DSC01503So today seems like it is much better than yesterday. Even though we did wake up at 3:45 AM it was not so bad. We went to sleep at about 10:30 However the drill sgt. busted into our barracks at 11 PM because our night watch was messed up. One of the guys in the next bunk would not wake up when the drill walked in and refused to get up when I shook him. He actually said “just let the drill sgt. wake me up.” Next I heard “what the fuck are you still doing in my bunk Soldier?!” And when that didn’t work he planted the bull horn in the recruit’s year and blew the siren, which got him up.

He is also always falling asleep when he is not suppose to giving him the nick name “sleepy.” Over all I was expecting the experience to be a lot worse however it really isn’t bad…so far. This is just in-processing so we only stay here a few days until real basic training. This food is…food, and there is a lot of it. What is strange is that they force you to drink 2 glasses of liquid every meal. The only problem is that lunch and dinner are Powerade and for some reason it gives me migraines.

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