22 OCT 09 The Journal

Its been a bit since I have written you. It has been busy for the last few days. We had our combat life fire certification. It is the most dangerous thing that we do in basic training. For this qual there are two battle buddy teams. One team runs forward under cover fire of the other pair. Mind you that the pair is firing live ammunition so if they slipped or got confused some one can get shot. Luckily that didn’t happen though and everyone made it safely back to the barracks.

We also had combatives Tuesday which was very exhausting but I came out victorious. I did not lose a single match although I did tie with one guy but he weighs 200 lbs so that wasn’t so bad. All told I think I fought 9 different Soldiers without losing. I will also be participating in the combatives tournament that is happening Saturday. I did not want to participate at first because I don’t feel like getting the crap beaten out of me so close to graduation. Especially since I am fighting in the light heavy weight class which is 185-205 lbs. Since I am 170 right now, I will be fighting guys that are at least 15 lbs heavier, which is a considerable difference. I did get a look at my first opponent though and I think its a guy that I have already fought.

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