23 AUG 09 The Journal

So the facilities in reception really aren’t that bad. There is a laundry room where we can wash all our stuff for free except for the detergent, and fairly clean bathrooms. We also get a pretty big locker to put our stuff in. We got to go to the commissary to get things that we may not have brought from home too. I had to get a bunch of things from there plus running shoes. The food isn’t that bad either the burgers and hot dogs are fresh made. The one thing I was worried about is that there was a lack of toilet paper in our bathrooms however I got around that by procuring my own when we visit other bathrooms around the base. Plus I usually do my business at night so that there is plenty of time. Bet you didn’t think I could bring my letters around to poo did you.

A couple days ago we were issued camo camel baks which are pretty cool. They hold about 100 oz. of liquid and our sgt. encourages us to drink 2 of them a day. They are kind of like back packs with a water bladder in them that we use instead of canteens. Hopefully I will be able to get the rest of my uniform tomorrow.

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