25 SEP 09 The Journal

095So today we zeroed our weapons. That basically means that you have to adjust your weapon sights so that the M16 fires straight. Those were literally the first shots I have ever fired from a gun before. It was kind of disappointing though. I was expecting to be nervous or excited or something but I really didn’t feel anything at all. It was a kind of mild surprise the moment the first round went down range but after that it already felt like it was natural. I also was able to zero my weapon in only 6 rounds which they say is a good thing. Some people take 20-30 rounds or as many as 240 rounds just to zero their weapons. All you have to do is have proper shot grouping which is harder than it sounds.

Oh I also forgot to mention about how we got a live demonstration of the real AT-4. The drill sgts picked 3 privates to do 3 demonstrations. I must say it was pretty impressive to see. It is a pretty sizable explosion and it has a fairly forceful concussive blast that you can feel more than hear.

Anyway I do not have fire guard to night which means that I do not have to wake up for anything which is nice since we get another hour of sleep. Tomorrow we have our PT test which should be interesting.

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