26 SEP 09 The Journal

So this morning at 5 we had our PT test. I think I did ok. I ended up getting 62 push ups and 58 sit ups and then I did my 2 mile run which I got a 15:23 on, which was pretty nice. I got a 229 PT score which puts me in the top 10% at least of my platoon. It was honestly a huge weight off my shoulders to know that I can pass PT and it is not even half way though BCT. I am hoping that by the time of the final PT test I will be able to get at least a 270 PT score which I think I will be able to do.

We also got smoked today which is always some fun stuff. Then after dinner chow we ended up having some more PT for about 1 1/2 hours. We ended up running another 1 1/2 miles plus push ups, flutter kicks, pull ups and “fuck fuck games” as drill sgt likes to say. Its ok though. After all, whatever doesn’t kill you will make you stronger and all that other crap.

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