27 AUG 09 The Journal

277So today was pretty boring. We just sat around doing basically nothing the whole day. I forgot to tell you that there is health insurance for you that I set up for you. You have to talk to my recruiter about it though. They might actually take you over to the base too. I think they will issue you a military ID and they will have to give it to you in person. From what I remember (I was really tired at the time) you can use our medical coverage with civilian doctors. Also you are the beneficiary of my life insurance which is $400,000. There is also coverage for you but it is only $100,000. I believe that the medical coverage and life insurance coverage is about $80 a month. Also there is dental coverage that they are sending you information for. I believe that I have dental coverage but you will have to get coverage. I think it is pretty cheap though. They should be sending you information about all of that in the mail. Oh, also we get $1,900 a month for Basic Housing Allowance which is nice because that is tax free. When I am done with basic I believe we will get extra money for food. We also get separation pay which is an extra $300 or so.

In other news, I got my rank insignia today which was nice. I now have a complete uniform. Life here is strange. It is like being in high school again except without the freedom. All of the “boys” here are a little more than children and they sure can act like it sometimes. One of the guys stopped his washing machine midcycle and spilled suds all over the floor. I asked him if he planned to clean it and he said no. Anyway doing well here I will send you the address to basic when I have it.

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