28 AUG 09 The Journal

So today it is raining pretty hard. They take roll call in the mornings and that meant that more than half of our company had to stand in the rain to get called. Additionally we still had to get chow while it is still raining which means a 1/4 mile march.

Some people already want to quit the Army which is ridiculous because they will only release you if there is good cause to do so. This one guy was complaining that the Army was messing up his social life and that was why he wanted to quit. From now on if I think of him he will just be a coward to me. Right now I am sitting in the concrete pavilion watching the rain come down as we sit here waiting to ship to boot camp. The infantry in our company is shipping today so that means we get to sit around doing nothing like usual. The good thing about it though is that I am essentially getting paid to just sit around and wait. I do not expect that we will be doing anything today since it is raining and all of us have completed our processing.

Today I also talked to the Company commander who is a Captain. He is really nice and answered a bunch of questions some of us had for him. Basically he said that he really liked being in the Army and that he gets a lot more time with his family than he would if he was in the “real world.” He also has 3 kids and seems to actually like his job. I am looking forward to going to OCS [Officer Candidate School]. It seems to be a much more educated environment and a lot more mature. Anyway I hope you are doing well.

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