30 AUG 09 The Journal

So Sundays are pretty mellow. Right now we are just sitting around watching Black Hawk Down which is appropriate since it has both Army Rangers and Delta Force. Everyone is just sitting back taking naps. Except that the sgt. just walked in and made everyone do push ups. It is not so bad though. I guess on Sundays we just sit around watching movies. Some of the men go to church and there are so many denominations. One of my friends here is a Muslim and his Islamic church does not start till 3 pm.

So I think here, at least in reception, it is the little things that make you happy that you have to focus on such as being able to take a nap during the day or watch movies. Right now it is the end of the day and today wasn’t such a bad day. All we really did was watch movies and eat. Those that wanted to go to church could. I actually went with a friend to his Islamic service which was interesting but honestly turned me off of the whole religion. He was saying that anyone that did not accept Allah as the one true god is going to hell. This includes Christians, Catholics, and Jews. That is a big reason why large organized religions are such an unattractive prospect for me because everyone else is wrong and they are the ones that are right. Everyone else is wrong and going to hell. I did get a Quaran and a Holy Bible out of it though. I will probably not go again especially since I think I got a headache from the place as well.

Good thing is that we are starting PT (physical training) tomorrow. We are all looking forward to that since none of us have really had any decent exercise in a really long time. Hopefully we will be able to run a little bit and hopefully my headache goes away. I think we will be begging for mercy though for the first 2 weeks. Right now though I am looking forward to the exercise.

Anyway, I am just sitting in the laundry room waiting for my cloths to dry.

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