6 SEP 09 The Journal

DSC01542So today is Sunday and I have a little down time right now so of course I am thinking about writing to you. Today wasn’t too bad. We did not get smoked too bad today although that might be because it is Sunday. I believe that our drill sgt is the toughest out of the rest of the 4 platoons in our company (about 60 men per platoon and 240 in our company). The other companies do not seem to get smoked nearly as much as we do however we are usually the first to get our equipment. It is a trade off I guess. I never knew that jumping jacks could be so hard until you try to do 120 of them and then 100 overhead arm claps. It does feel like torture sometimes but like the drill sgts say, pain is just weakness leaving the body.

In other news one of the men probably has a mental handy cap and he is slower than almost everyone in the platoon. He went to church this morning and did not check back in so everyone that went with him thought he was lost. We got smoked pretty bad for it but it was his fault. His battle buddy (the guy that is suppose to take care of you, and vice versa) was suppose to keep an eye on him. A lot of people started yelling at him to the point where he was in tears. Hopefully he doesn’t pull a private Pyle (for you that DON’T watch movies, private Pyle went crazy in boot camp in the movie Full Metal Jacket). Some of the men started to be nicer though and helped set up his wall locker.

I have not gotten an individual smoking yet. It is not hard to stay under the radar though. You just have to do what you are told and try your best.

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