8 SEP 09 The Journal

Had PT again today. To be honest the PT itself is not all that challenging except for the run. I think that is the thing that I will have the largest problem with and I will have to just suck up the pain. I have to run a 14 min 2 mile which is a 7 min mile average. Hopefully I will be able to do it.

128So it is almost our first full week in basic and I think that I am handling it pretty well. Its just a lot of mindless following of orders. It really isn’t that hard. Plus the money isn’t bad either so oh well. So today a bunch of guys started picking on the slow guy. It really was not good and he started getting really mad and agitated. Oh well though. I tried to say something but they just started laughing harder.

Also I got my first personal smoking by drill sgt. I forgot to put a pin in after the firing pin which makes the bolt lock halfway in position. It wasn’t that bad though. He just made me do push ups till he finished fixing my rifle.

Oh we also started land navigation today which was pretty fun. We learned how to use 4,6, and 8 digit map coordinates as well as distance determination. It was actually a lot less boring than I thought it would be. Anyway we are going for our first road march tomorrow with our ruck sacks. What is nice though is that we don’t have our body armor.

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