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If you are considering joining the Army (or any other military organization) here is some information that may help you.

Why do people join and why do people leave: Need reasons why people join? How about reasons why they leave?

Military: It’s own little World: The Army is hard to get away from, even if you want to.

A Caution About Waivers: If you need a waiver to join, you might want to have a realistic view of your chances.

Army Benefits: Want to know about the benefits you can get if you join the US Army? Click Benefits.

The Basic Training Journal: If you are curious about what Basic Training is like, this is the journal for you.

5 Basic Training Fitness Tips: Want to prep your body for a grueling basic training?

What to bring with you to Basic Training: Here is a list of things that you should bring, but also what you shouldn’t bring

Steps for Joining the Army: Finally ready to talk to some recruiters? Here is the step by step guide.

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