16 SEP 09 The Journal

So today we went to the PX. It is kind of like a convenience store only for military personnel. Your brother has probably heard of them before because I think they have them on Air Force bases as well. It is kind of cool because they sell things at a discount.

I don’t think I wrote it but yesterday the whole platoon had this group vent session where we aired the gripes we have with one another. It was slighting disconcerting to hear the animosity that some of the privates have toward one another although I am not really surprised by it.

DSC01560Today we had a small class on stress and how it can effect you both mentally and physically. Basically this entire place is built to stress you out. You are in a completely new environment. The stress of being around a completely different group of people and not having any of your normal support system around. These things can lead to a lot of stress. I will be honest. I do feel the stress some times, but focusing on the goal of graduation makes it a little better.

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