18 OCT 09 The Journal

So today is Sunday which is usually a good day because it is our day of rest. We went to sleep at 8 and woke up at 6 am. That and I did not have fireguard so I was able to sleep the whole 10 hours. Which I did. We need it though with the amount of work that we are subjected to. Today isn’t really a day where we don’t do anything either since we clean the whole bay. We move all of the lockers and bunks and use the buffer. We also wax the kill zone and do all of our laundry. Its not so bad though. Usually I end up cleaning the back stairs because I need to get a break from everyone around me. I usually end up taking 2 or 3 hours to clean the stairs but I sweep, clean the banisters and scrub the walls. I will admit though it takes 2 hours to do a job that should take 45 minutes. I figure that I have worked hard all week though so I can drag my heels a little bit.

So yesterday wasn’t that fun. After that 4 mile run we got smoked rpetty badly then we did some PT. My calves are still really sore from yesterdays activity. We only have a little over 2 weeks and then I graduate and I get you see you.

It is coming to a close though. I only have about a weeks worth of training left. The rest of the time is recovery week where we turn in our equipment and square the bay away. We will probably have to repaint everything and clean everything in the bay. It shouldn’t be that bad though because we get to sit around a lot too.

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