31 AUG 09 The Journal

So today we did some PT which wasn’t that bad since most of us really wanted to do some PT since we have just been sitting around for about 2 weeks without any real exercise and eating 3 times a day. We just did some basic physical training stuff and then a mile and a quarter run. I was really disappointed in myself because I had a hard time with the run. I rationalize it though because about half of it was steeply up hill and I have a pretty bad cough and some times it is hard to breath. Its not too bad though because I think its getting better.

Also some of the guys have been annoying me. Its ok though because I told one of them I would punish him if he did it again and he stopped. Other than that though the day was pretty uneventful. We just sat around not doing anything. We did hear some things about basic training though. Apparently they take our duffel bags and dump them out and mix everyone’s stuff together. We also heard that they only give you 2 minutes to eat. The stuff doesn’t really have me worried though since it is no use worrying about rumors when they may or may not happen. No fear. The experience also depends on the drill sgt. that you have. I guess some of them will smoke you for any reason (smoke = punish) or even just for the hell of it. It shouldn’t be that bad though. It just makes us stronger. It will just give us more discipline. I know it will be hard though. We also found out that the guys we are with in reception will probably be with us in basic. It is both a good thing and a bad thing since we will get smoked for some of the stupid things some of us do. In “red phase” the first phase in basic apparently they really believe in group punishment. So that means if one of us does something wrong we all get punished for it

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