9 OCT 09 The Journal

Sorry it has been a while since I have been able to write. It has been a jam packed week. Firestly I qualified with my rifle so that means it is another hurdle passed. Essentially what that means is that I only have the PT test to worry about now. Unfortunately I only got 24 on my qualifying test but that still means I am fine. I was really disappointed with it but as long as I pass its all good.

A few days ago we were able to go to the Soldier show here at Ft Benning. They had live music and food there. We were also allowed to eat anything we wanted at the show. It was honestly not worth it and I would much rather have had the opportunity to give you a call than go to the thing. There was something like 1800 trainees there so it was super crowded. They only had a few food stands so they were running out of food and the lines were huge. I only had a couple slices of pizza and a snickers bar. Some people went off the deep end though. I know one guy had a bunch of Pepsi and Mountain Dew, 8 snickers bars, 2 funnel cakes, a turkey leg, something like 3 ice cream bars, nachos, etc. Some people went a little nutty. Also there were people that probably should have practiced some self control. The “donuts” ended up eating things they probably should not have. Drill sgt said that it would who up on their PT tests and that he would show no mercy to them. Also when we came back from qualifying drill sgts tossed our bay. He pushed over lockers and bunks. We had sand bags and canteens dumped all over the bay and then they smoked the shit out of us for about an hour. It was not fun. I will say though he gave us 10 minutes to clean the whole bay and we managed to do it really well. I was totally amazed.

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